This is an early build of  a battle system for a game currently in development made by Jaimaron Kelly and his team. The codename for this project is Project Invasion.

Controls: arrow keys for movement, enter to select a choice

When attacking 1, will attack enemy 1, 2 will attack enemy2 etc

Features of the game:

The Game starts in a scene at the start, where you will see a red and a green box. The red box is the player while the green box represents a slime, by moving into the slime you'll be sent to the battle scene where multiple different encounters may occur.

Once in the game You'll see a bar on the side which indicates acts as the turn bar and the units speed determines how fast it goes up this bar. Once at the top the units turn will start where they can do a number of things.

Buttons in Game:

Fight Button: Gives the option to attack, defend, tame and use techniques

Inventory: No use as of yet

Tame: No use as of Yet

Flee: No Use as of Yet

Attack: A 40 Power move with an execution time of 4, its type of attack varies depending on the weapon being used. Slash for swords / axes, pierce for bows/lances, blunt for shield/staff

Defend: Temporarily doubles defence until the units next turn.

Wait: Causes the unit to be at ready, they stay at the top of the turn bar which can lead to a clash if an enemy reaches up, or can allow the unit to team up with another. Up to 3 units can wait at once (of course they must all be on the same side).

Technique: Opens a list of techniques that are currently known by the unit. Status moves cannot be used during a clash, and moves cannot be used if there is not sufficient MP. To use a move click on the move's name then select the target as per instructions.

Single: Enables the unit to act on its own instead of teaming with the current unit on top.

Team: Gives the unit the option to use a team attack with its current team mate. Techniques do not work with this, please do not press that button, it is not coded for.


Status Effects:

Burn: Will do damage over time during the processing and waiting states (when the units are moving up the turn bar). Will also lower the physical attack of the unit burned. Will prevent the unit from being frozen.

Poison: Will do damage over time during the processing and waiting states.

Stun: Will cause the unit's speed to become 0 during processing and waiting states for a short time.

Sleep: Will Cause the unit's speed to become 0 for an average longer period of time than Stun.

Frozen: What sleep does but even longer, also prevents the unit from being poisoned, burned,  stunned, sleep, breathless... it pretty much prevents every other status from being inflicted.

Paralysis: Halves the unit's speed and has a 25% chance of preventing the unit from attacking during its turn and forcing a steep half-bar cooldown if that occurs.

Breathless: Heavily lowers all the unit's stats. Can be cured by defending for a period of time.

Soaked: Doubles the unit's resistance to Fire moves however it also makes the unit easier to freeze and halves their resistance to electric moves.


Battle Mechanics:

Clash: A Clash occurs when an ally unit and an enemy unit are either at the top together or very close to the top together. You can force a clash by waiting when an enemy would be the next unit up and vice versa. In a clash both moves are chosen and then executed based on their execution time. The lower the execution time the faster the move comes out and it determines the order of moves among other things.

For example if a faster execution speed move is used, the target will be hit for extra damage (half defence to 1/3 defence depending on the difference in execution speed) and even has a chance to be afflicted with stun and miss his turn all together if this occurs. However if the unit does survive and isn't stunned they will get a super bonus (1/4 defence) on their return attack.

If the execution time is the same then both will be hit at the same time, however the damage will be lessened for both.

Team up: If you wait you and another ally ends up reaching to the top, you have the option to team up. There is also a team clash but it is treated as an execution time (currently).


This early build will use Unity's built in assets

April Build:

Added in technique usage which changes many things with the regular clash, and also added in status effects.