This is an early build of  a battle system for a game currently in development made by Jaimaron Kelly and his team. The codename for this project is Project Invasion.

Controls: arrow keys for movement, enter to select a choice

When attacking 1, will attack enemy 1, 2 will attack enemy2 etc

This early build will use Unity's built in assets

March Build:

Players now start outside of battle in a plane. This plane has nothing to it except the player box and an enemy box by colliding with the enemy box a battle will start. Once the battle starts there is a 50% chance of a single slime attacking

25% chance of a slime and an Imp attacking

15% chance of 3 slimes attacking

9% chance of a Slime and a the planned first boss the Giant Forest slime attacking

1% chance that a whopping 8 slimes attack you.

In this build the technique button still has no use however the Fight, attack, wait and defend buttons work (somewhat for defend). The unique Mechanics such as a clash also occur now and players are able to team up by selecting wait and having a member of their team reach to the top next. This is still an early build of the battle system but there is a lot to it and winning battles awards exp and levels, damage permeates through multiple battles as well.

Published Oct 19, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing